BAND's mission statement:
To support the people within the Borough of Bolton who live with mental health problems to reach their full potential as defined by themselves, through:
The promotion of choice and independence
The provision of support for the individual
The facilitation of education, recreational, social and enterprise opportunities
Contributing to the development of services across the mental health economy.

BAND Services

One to One Recovery
If you feel that you need one to one support to pick up old hobbies and interests or to achieve new goals in order to help your recovery, then our Recovery Project could be for you!  We have a small team of volunteers who will offer you support to draw up your own recovery plan and then support you in achieving your goals.

Drop-in Provision
We provide a drop-in service seven days a week where like-minded people can meet and chat over a cup of tea or coffee and purchase a light meal or snack.

Shared Interest Groups
A number of groups currently exist where people meet up regularly to pursue a hobby or interest. The groups are supported by staff and volunteers to access a varied number of leisure and community activities.

Community Development (CDW)
Raise awareness and educate about mental health and develop community groups to help themselves. Giving marginalised or BME groups opportunities for personal and group development. E.g. Asylum seekers/refugees, GRT, Deaf, New Migrants
Engagement and Representation
Support individuals to represent their community in voicing issues about mental health services to service providers. Develop creative methods of consultation with the public about issues around mental health and feedback of results to service users and service providers.

Inpatient Services
Volunteering scheme at the hospital visiting mental health wards and consulting with patients about their experiences. The Lounge – a place for the patients to relax and chat off the wards. Internet café – supporting K ward patients to use the facility to communicate with family & friends or research.

BAND is a voluntary mental health organisation, and is a registered charity (no. 1060822) and registered in Cardiff as a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 3284504)