MhIST, the Mental Health Independent Support Team
We provide a friendly, safe and confidential service to support and voice the interests of mental health service and their carers.  We aim to support people in a positive environment where YOU can achieve what you need to do.

Our services and groups are free to use, but you do need an appointment if you want to use our advocacy or counselling services.

MhIST provides services like counselling, reiki meditation, dramatherapy, craft and social group which enable people to cope with anxiety and emotional distress.  Helping people to put strategies and plans in place so that they are able to deal with problems more effectively in future perhaps by learning relaxation or by having a practised way of dealing with upset.

Our self help groups are very active and they provide for the needs of different groups of people such as bipolar, self harm, OCD and depression.  By joining one or even several of our self help groups you can gain; support from people who have similar experiences; the reassurance that you are not alone; Information; self esteem; a different perspective; a chance to meet new people.  You won’t be judged or told what to do!

#The MhIST advocacy team is here to help you with problems that you need sorting out but you need a hand with.  All you need to do is ask (or get someone to do it for you) and we will try to help.

When you come to MhIST our friendly and knowledgeable volunteer staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome, treat you with respect, listen to you without judging you, and give you the opportunity to speak your mind.